Empowering your team to
Deliver change.

changing the
future together

We work with organizations to help them manage change more effectively. We do this by building change capability, delivering communication and training, monitoring change fatigue,  managing resistance, and equipping business leaders to represent and support projects delivering change.

SOLID experience

deliver more successful change

Did you know that 70% of projects fail to reach their goal and deliver the intended organiational benefits? We can help you get better ROI by helping your teams deliver changes according to tried and tested principles.

The Prosci 3-Phase Process is a structured, repeatable and adaptable approach for managing the people side of change.


We work with you to define change success, project impact and the approach we will take to implement the change successfully


Our team members plan and act on the approach, tracking performance and taking adaptive steps as conditions change.

3. sustain outcomes

We review project performance to ensure that benefits have been realised, we activate sustaining activities and transfer ownership of the project to the business.

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