Better web hosting – and the choices you make – can give your website a big advantage – here’s how.

Most people now visit websites from a mobile device. According to a Hitwise research paper, they are visiting sites in every industry via their phone or tablet.

This has been evident to Google for some time. Google Analytics tracks the types of devices people use to visit websites.  As a result of their finding, Google started to downgrade search rankings for sites that didn’t build mobile-friendly sites.

Businesses are taking mobile visitors more seriously now, but this alone won’t raise your search engine rank. The paradox is that as your site attracts more visitors, your ranking is at risk of dropping – not from the traffic itself – but whether it can cope with the influx of visitors.  If your site starts to perform poorly with increased website traffic you are directly at risk. If you’re responsible for managing your website, you must consider ‘what happens when I become internet famous?’

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Clearly, a popular website is a gift! More traffic to your site means increased chances to share your products and services. More people on your site means more conversions into consumers, subscribers or shoppers. Google introduced the concept of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) which means your site must be optimised for mobile devices, keywords and speed and having your site optimised for these three factors is crucial.

Google started with simple things like image size, removing keyword stuffing and mobile compatibility. As Google walks us along this self-improvement path, now your web server needs to be blisteringly fast.

Google’s focus has shifted to delivering technical server perfection and a smooth-running site. Site speed and page rank are no longer just about optimising images; it’s about how your theme and plugins are coded as well.

Skimping on hosting is like spinning the barrel and pulling the trigger, and you can’t afford to play Russian roulette with your search ranking. When you choose sub-par hosting, your site is shoved on a server with thousands of other websites. All of those websites scramble for the same server resources, and site bandwidth. If you are lucky, you’ll be on a server with hobbyists who don’t use hosting bandwidth and resources. As more people move towards shared hosting like GoDaddy, DreamHost and HostGator, you want to be going in the opposite direction to find the right web host.

You can find hosts that offer the right balance of performance at a reasonable price. It’s not about avoiding shared hosting either. You just need to find someone who does shared hosting in a fair way. You need to balance a well-maintained web server at a reasonable price – it doesn’t mean avoiding shared hosting altogether.

Asporea has inexpensive shared hosting plans with strict server quotas to prevent overcrowding. We cap our standard servers at 400 customers because we believe this offers our clients the right balance of performance for cost.

Our shared hosting plans start at $9.99/month with free transfer from your current web host and a 30-day money back guarantee.  Subscribe to our newsletter for an additional 25% off any of our hosting plans.

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