Learning Consultancy

In today’s new working environment, there’s often a need to create training materials that can be delivered remotely.  There may come a time soon, where new employees are inducted and trained without ever setting foot in an office.

At Asporea, we understand this new way of working and can deliver exceptional training outcomes through the development, delivery and management of training for your business.

We understand learning concepts and have a track record in developing courseware for online and classroom environments.  We also know what it takes to translate learning material for delivery using remote communication tools like Skype, Zoom and Google Meet.

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We have the skill to develop multi-media assets to increase learner interest and build knowledge that is easier to retain, improving your return on investment over the long term.

We apply a human-centred design management framework approach to all our learning activities and can help you identify those areas of your learning and development portfolio that are best suited to e-learning delivery.

Some common areas where we can help businesses do more with their training budgets include:

  • Onboarding of new employees, especially where those employees need to be onboarded remotely.
  • Upskilling new employees to perform new tasks, processes or use new systems, especially in areas where the requirements of the organizations may change quickly in response to environmental factors.
  • Improving employee soft skills to address gaps in periodic performance reviews.
  • Actively working to reduce the number of workplace incidents by providing additional fact sheets, tips and raising general employee awareness of issues.
  • Modifying employee attitudes and increasing productivity – helping employees to adopt and master changed processes faster.
  • Building employee confidence and skills to prepare them for promotion, by imparting advanced skill sets and employer knowledge.
  • Translating and developing traditional classroom delivered content to suit remote and online delivery.
  • Developing engaging training material for remote employees who are rarely at their desks, using innovative training tools like Podcasting.

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We deliver change across multiple modalities including employee communication, engagement, structured change activities and training. If we can assist you with enhancing or developing your training programs, then please reach out. We’d be happy to provide some ideas of how we can help you with an obligation free discussion.

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